John Partazana & Matthew Spano, Owners of Drift & Porter Baking Company



John Partazana & Matthew Spano


Owners of Drift & Porter Baking Company & Event Design House


John: baking, reading, gardening, antiquing, hiking, yoga & most importantly a proud Poodle parent of two.

Matthew: baking, recycled fashion design, antiquing, beatnik carpentry, photography, yoga and a co-parent to wonderful Poodles.


John: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Matthew: East Quogue, New York (Hamptons)

CONTACT: / @driftandportersantafe

SFF: How did you come up with the idea of Drift & Porter?

D&P: Our original plan upon moving to Santa Fe was to start a mobile food truck (hence the name Drift (Drifter) and Porter (Serving the Community). We are both from East Coast shore towns and wanted to incorporate the fluid element of water into our vision.

SFF: How old is your business and how has it evolved so far?

D&P: We are days away from our 1 year anniversary of being open and operating. It has evolved incredibly quick with immense soul, dedication, and constant perseverance, both as a duo and as individuals.


SFF: What was each of your professional journey to get to where you are today?

D&P: John worked as a Hairstylist for almost all of his life, which is heavily reliant on customer service and impromptu therapy sessions. Matthew, drifting from one expression to the other, found solace and healing through food and baking’s creative freedom.

SFF: What are your future visions for Drift & Porter?

D&P: Like any business, our end goal and vision change momentarily, but we both are deeply drawn to creating an all-encompassing experience that combines our culinary skills with street fashion, decrepit interior design, cultural art, and the pure essence of life and community.


SFF: What are your personal favorite items that you bake?

D&P: Anything new! We realize that consistency is key in the food industry, but no two days are alike, so how could two meals ever be alike?

SFF: What's your personal philosophy toward food and diet?

D&P: We both share a deep passion for plant-based, cruelty-free food. It has such a negative stigma attached to it, but our goal is to have zero reliance on animal sources and create an even better product than the “traditional” counterparts.

SFF: What's your favorite thing about your work?

D&P: Freedom! Not having to answer or be a slave to someone else’s dream and or fantasy.

SFF: What's the biggest challenge you face as business owners in Santa Fe?

D&P: Extremely high tax rates! This city is not very financially welcoming to new businesses.

SFF: What is the best entrepreneurship advice you've ever received?

D&P: Listen to what the customer wants. Ego plays such a big part in business ownership, but in the end, the business owner is always indebted to the customer, not vice-versa.

SFF: What advice can you give to budding entrepreneurs in Santa Fe?

D&P: If you have a dream, feed it something every day and it will become a reality. Never take no for an answer!

SFF: How did you decide to live in Santa Fe?

D&P: Santa Fe chose us mysteriously.

SFF: What are your favorite things about this place?

D&P: Santa Fe holds a dear place because it is one of the very few places where you can make a living off of your creative expression. There is an energy here that if you plug into it, you can achieve anything.


SFF: Have you found community here in Santa Fe? If so, how and where?

D&P: Yes! Our customers are not only patrons but friends. There is a magic that happens when you feed people. Especially when you are offering such a rare niche of food (Vegan and Gluten-Free)… It is very rare you find the marriage of both.

SFF: If you could change one thing about Santa Fe, what would it be?

D&P: Better driving and better parking.

SFF: Do either of you have another job outside Drift & Porter?

D&P: John still has a foot in hairstyling and for Matthew, Drift & Porter is full time.

SFF: What are you passionate about outside of running Drift & Porter?

D&P: Learning to live lightly on the land with limited resources. Manifesting ways to still be considered “trendy” and “stylish” without society’s indoctrination tactics.

SFF: At the end of the day, why do you do what you do?

D&P: Because we both believe in it. You are what you eat in every sense.